Saturday, October 29, 2011

What next?

I have add groups and forums to go with them as well as some others.I invite and tell people about my site from facebook,I even made a group to tell them about the going on's of the far I still don't have anything going on with my site and I am getting discourage with the whole thing again,I see my other sites I made having the same thing.I pray to all please let my site go somewhere other then dead and gone.I do hope someone does something in there other then me and even my co-owner isn't doing much.I asked him to invite others and promote our site and I am not sure if he is.I think he isn't understanding what its like to run a site and all that goes with it.I updates a couple of things as to make it look better.I am told I need to give it time and I know there are a lot of this type of websites out there for all to see and join.I just want mine to be something more then it is right now.

Well this was what I didn't finish in a draft and don't remember when I started it but now I will add some more.

I have even more going on in my net life and it started from facebook.I have two groups to care for,Natural Witches and Evei's Creations.Plus I have the Nexus homesite to work on as well as my degree studies.

October 29th Update
As the day gets closed I get more and more excited to see what happen on my seeker path with WITCHYS NEXUS.I now have my bos on coven site and still waiting for my admin status to edit the look and get that rolling.She is so hard to get a hold of to get this done and so busy with the home-site and coven-site so I do understand.

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