Saturday, October 29, 2011

I had plans to go to a friends gathering for Samhain,both her and her man got sick so the plan was canceled.She wrote a initiation for me an made me pagan prayer beads as well.I so wanted it all to happen and was so excited I was bummed,but I do understand why and want them both to get well.This was such a big day for me and with my seeker studies also coming I have been soooooo excited for them both.So now I wonder if I can do something for Samhain this year alone and I don't normally,I need to get my witch life going for myself and not depend on others.I want to make both parts of my life all of me,so finding a way to get my butt in gear for it.Maybe I can do something with my bf if he wants to,he was going with me to this gathering,another thing I was bummed about since he is hardly ever at one.I need to stock my cupboard up for all my holidays finally would be so nice,I can always find halloween stuff at dollar stores for Samhain.
I hope that maybe I can find a way to do something this year even with the canceled gathering.I so miss the group I thought I finally had found so I would be in a group for them but sadly it ended.At least now I have a new coven but still I wish it was one I could go to not on the net for,at least I have one again.I hope to get together with Sarah for a get together and maybe get both of what she has done for me,I wonder if she would take a pic and send it to me.I don't want to bug but I am having a tough time waiting for them.We will have to see what happens and what I can do with this whole thing.I do pray that all who are sick feel better soon and not suffer any more then one has to.

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