Thursday, January 30, 2014

Picture BOS Share

My picture share,getting things together to see what ones get printed and put in my bos.There are so many things I find and love to add but maybe more then one book or hope it all fits.I wish I could just but what I want but sadly I don't make or have enough money to.I would love to buy a book but they run the the hundreds,and with all the things I can't make or other means I am left to this.I have started to buy some of the items I want for my witches cabinet,I am so loving that I can even if it's piece by piece.I love that a couple of friends of mine helped me find a great store called Sleeping Tiger Imports,there are items I found/want/need and can afford to buy.I think I like the one mall location or the other.The second one I went to has more space and items in it then the other and its maybe a bit closer.I want to go there again and maybe I can with my friends this weekend.