Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Updates On Sites

I have been visiting my prism cauldron site and adding a little here and there,still no more members.I was so hoping to have a website that went somewhere at some point.I don't want to do all the work and have no one there to see or have it help in it.I have made website or such in the past and they never went anywhere,I want this one to be better.I ended up closing my yahoo group a month or so ago an no one even cared,I did get one reply and she was nice.I have ppl helping me but haven't heard from them in a while,I know they have their own lives and respect that as I always do.I just want to have more member and more activity in there,maybe one day and I hope so.I used this app on facebook so I can share my blog on here and I hope it helps send people to my site and gain members.

A Nighttime Blessing


A nighttime blessing I wrote to say with my children:

As the day comes to an end,
our great god, the sun descends.
Goddess enters into night sky,
twinkling stars and moon so high,
I now lay me down to rest,
with my soul in her hands
goodnight to all,
and goddess bless!

Written by Ocean Goddess aka Lyza Mansfield
Used with Permission
All Rights Reserved


Computer Blessing

(It's OK to laugh) 

Blessings on this fine machine, 
May its data all be clean. 
Let the files stay where they're put, 
Away from disk drives keep all soot. 
From its screen shall come no whines, 
Let in no spikes on power lines. 
As oaks were sacred to the Druids, 
Let not the keyboard suffer fluids. 
Disk Full shall be nor more than rarity, 
The memory shall not miss its parity. 
From the modem shall come wonders, 
Without line noise making blunders. 
May it never catch a virus, 
And all its software stay desirous. 
Oh let the printer never jam, 
And turn my output into spam. 
I ask of Eris, noble queen, 
Keep Murphy far from this machine. 

1988 Zhahai Stewart

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Website-Circle of the Prism Couldron

I have yet another website but this is be the best one yet.I have helpers now and a co-owner Dylan,I met him on a pagan site.I have having trouble with the whole code thing and I am so trying to figure it all out.I have asked for help from the one who gave me the site and having sites of her own though she would know more then I but not so much.I wish I had someone who understood how all this went that I could ask questions when they come up.I try to find help on the site but I am not having much luck,its just too hard on some areas.I am trying to make a facebook connection and a like button,having trouble getting all the code and what needs to be there.I have got the forum going and buttons to link the group with the forum made.I so need more time to tweak this site and also invite more people to my site.I also need to figure out how to make a face connection.
Circle of the Prism Cauldron Come and take a look at it please.