Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to Raise a Pagan Child

How to Raise a Pagan Child
By an eHow Contributor

Many Pagan parents wonder when and how they should begin teaching their children about the Pagan path. As soon as your child is born she is ready to learn. Your child is born into this world with a keen memory of the god/goddess and all she needs is for you to provide an environment where she can flourish.


1.Lead by example. To raise a good pagan you should be a good pagan. Show tolerance to others and teach your child to love and honor all living things.
2.Follow your child's lead. Answer her questions; she will let you know when she wants to learn and how much she is ready to know. Don't give her more information than she can handle at one time.
3.Include your child in group rituals and Sabbat celebrations if she is interested in participating. The whole Pagan belief system is against forcing your beliefs on another. Always teach with love.
4.Teach your child to be accepting of people's differences. This world is a wonderful place because there are so many different types of people.
5.Accept your child no matter what religion she decides to practice when she grows up. Every person has a right to choose her own path and, as a Pagan and a parent, you should love her unconditionally. Remember that teaching your child the ways of the Pagan path has allowed her to grow up to be a responsible and caring adult.

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