Saturday, November 5, 2011

Today is my day for my new coven pre-dedication with webweavers of dragontime/witchys nexus.I am waiting now in the open chat room waiting my turn.Once I cast my circle I am sealed in it till the end.I don't have all I needed but found some fill ins to help but hope to have the rest soon.I need colored candles,more then I have.I need an alter cloth,more herbs,pentagram,god and goddess candles and matches lol.I also need my boline knife but have my athame.I am ready to go with my whole set up and even took a pic to save this moment in my witch life from here on.It takes 1/2 hour to do and it should start soon.

So I went to potty break and when I came back she was ready.So we went into a private chat room and did the whole dedication.I had tears through parts of is and I felt it went really well if not great.I feel like a new witch and can't wait to start my first lesson.

Now I must go and make dinner for the family and save my man from our son,he had watch him all alone for me while I did this.

Blessed Be All!