Thursday, March 10, 2011

Still In Need of Active Members

I added a book club and sacred healer group(for Dylan) and also added some info in sabbits.I know I just need to wait but I haven't the best luck in the past with my yahoo group.I am hoping for something better and just want it to start already.I just keep getting the word out and adding content to the site.I am also planning my ostara ritual and looking for info both in a book and online.I really want to practice the pagan holidays,since I am involved in other holidays.I am kinda at a stand still with what to add to my site and I ask the members on my facebook group,no real answers.Dylan is the one that wanted to had a sacred healing group,now he needs to add things to it.For some reason he can't add a blog to his online site blog,looked and still not sure why since he has all the rights.Going to work on a new group titled Pagan Parents.

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