Thursday, March 10, 2011

Looking for Info on Pagan Parenting

I am on the search for info on the new group and this is something I found.

Growing Up Pagan: A Workbook for Wiccan Families

Finally, a children’s workbook designed for Pagan families! Rich,exciting stories to read together and discuss, as well as activities to reinforce lessons in a fun way. Chock-full of puzzles, games, mythology, beautiful illustrations, and Pagan symbols, this workbook teaches about the basic Wiccan belief system. Let this be a family affair, with parents, older siblings, and young children taking part in a “something-for-everyone” Pagan experience. A teaching tool for Pagan families, or others who want to teach their children diversity.
What Others are Saying about “Growing Up Pagan: A Workbook for Wiccan Families”
“A fun workbook filled with facts and myths to inspire budding young Pagans.” – Christopher Penczak, Author of Sons of the Goddess and The Inner Temple of Witchcraft
“Raine Hill has written a charming, lucid and magickal work that will be enjoyed by children of all ages; as someone who has taught in schools for many years I can heartily recommend it.Young people will love being read Wicca’s central myths and stories, they will enjoy exploring the basic philosophies and celebratory cycles and will relish the interactive activities. The wonderful art work is similarly engaging and the whole book will be a treasured item on any Pagan family’s bookshelf. I also intend to use it in my school.” – Pino Longchild, Assistant Headteacher Olga Primary School, London, webmaster of www., publisher of The Magickal Light Ezine and author of Wicca Revealed and Wicca Advanced
“Raine Hill has penned a charming and delightful book that is guaranteed to teach, entertain and enlighten the next generation of Pagan children and their families. Highly recommended for anyone looking to educate and inspire their magickal child.” – Marcus F Griffin, author of Advancing the Witches’ Craft and Tribe: Tending the Fires of the Great Spirit Within
*Author’s Notes: *I’ve received my copy and it is exceptionally beautiful! My illustrator did a phenomenal job and the fact that it is full-color inside and out is just breathtaking. I hope you and your favorite Wiccan child/ren enjoy!
*Where To Buy: *Chain bookstores, online bookstores and many small, independent stores are carrying this book. (Type “Growing Up Pagan” in your browser or check stores and their sites). If your favorite store or online site doesn’t have “Growing Up Pagan: A Workbook for Wiccan Families” by Raine Hill, please ask them to order it!
The Moon as a Symbol of the Goddess
Practice Drawing Triple Moon Goddess (Activity)
The Sun as a Symbol of the God
Practice Drawing Horned God Symbol (Activity)
The Wiccan Rede
The First Battle of the Gods and the Giants: A Creation Story
The First Battle of the Gods and the Giants Crossword (Activity)
The First Battle of the Gods and the Giants Wordseek (Activity)
The Myth of Pandora’s Box
Pandora’s Box Crossword (Activity)
The Myth of Pandora’s Box Wordseek (Activity)
How to Make a “My First Altar”
The Four Quarters Crossword (Activity)
Morning and Nighttime Blessings
Morning Blessing Wordseek (Activity)
Nighttime Blessings Wordseek (Activity)
The Myth fof Cerridwen’s Cauldron
The Cauldron of Cerridwen Wordseek (Activity)
Wheel of the Year
Practice Drawing the Wheel of the Year (Activity)
Wheel of the Year Crossword (Activity)
Eight Sabbats Wordseek (Activity)
The Spiral and Triskele
Practice Drawing the Spiral (Activity)
Practice Drawing the Triskele (Activity)
The Pentacle is a Sacred Symbol
Practice Drawing the Pentacle with Elements (Activity)
Final Assessment Test (True/False, Multiple Choice, Essay)
Certificate of Achievement (to write child’s name on)
Answer Key (for Puzzles and Test)

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