Friday, August 10, 2012


I love dragons and as I wonder through my past childhood items and I know its been some time now.I found a work like book from my young years and a dragon paper macha from my high school years.Now I want even more items in my years to come.My wonderful man introduced me to the books from ology ( world and I ordered the dragonology books.They are soooo very cool and I wished I knew of them sooner,I want more of the set however and now with a job it can happen.I used to collect dolphins as I love them so but have so many I thought to slow it down.I found this dragon lessons on two different sites,the first I wished I kept the link to it but still have the info.As for the second I have and have also shared the link with my facebook friends.I am also in a dragonic group on a website but not much is going on,but then I can't even log on to look.The web site is awesome however and here is the link to share and keep and also the one of facebook.


  1. I used to have a dragon poster til my old pastor said it was of the devil and took it and burned it, thank goddess she never found my harry potter books, she guilted me into letting her do it and I regretted it later

  2. That is so wrong to do that and messed up in my opinion.There is nothing wrong with dragons or harry potter,so weird when they claim them to be.