Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Book of Shadows Blessings

A few book of shadow blessings I found on a site http://www.spellcentral.com/


Preparation: At the time of the Full Moon, take your Book of Shadows (one that 
hasn't been written in yet) and some incense (pennyroyal, anise or rue) outside. 
Ritual: Under the light of the Full Moon, draw a pentagram on the first page and under this write the following information: date, time, place, your magical name (and sigil if you have one), the moon's phase and any other info you feel is important. Hold the book up to the Moon and say: 

"Here as the Full Moon shines upon me, 
Bless this Book I've made tonight. 
I humbly ask this of thee, 
Underneath your most sacred light.


Hearken as the Witch's word 
Calls the lady and the lord 
Moon above and earth below 
Sky's cool blue and sun's hot glow 
In this right and ready hour 
Fill these pages with thy power 
May no unprepared eye to see 
The secrets which trusted be 
To I who walk the hidden road 
To find the hearthstone's calm abode 
Guardians from the four directions 
Hear me and lend thy protection 
May these truths of Earth and skies 
Shaded be from prying eyes 
But to the witches whose map this be 
May the way be plain to see 
And through all the coming ages 
May we find home in these pages 
So mote it be! 


I will serve the Great Goddess, 
And give reverence to the Great God, 
I am a Pagan, A stone in the ancient circle, 
Standing firmly, Balanced on the earth, 
Yet open to the winds of heaven, 
And enduring through time, 
May the old gods witness my words


For no one else's eyes to see, 
Except for those dear to me. 
Protect this book in your light, 
Through the day and through the night. 
Protect this book of which I speak. 
Protect this book to the highest peak.

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